After-Alcohol Aid by Thrive+ | As Seen on Shark Tank - A Vitamin” for Healthier & Happier Alcohol Consumption (30 Capsules)

by Thrive+


  • A "VITAMIN" FOR ALCOHOL: Our After Alcohol-Aid is not a "hangover cure" or magic "hangover pill"-though many use it that way with success. Rather, After-Alcohol Aid is a patented formula invented by a team at Princeton and is used by responsible adults for drinking alcohol in a healthier & happier way.
  • AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK: Think of Thrive+ as "sunscreen, but for alcohol." It's designed to reduce alcohol's negative health effects and aids in hangover prevention. In a human study conducted for our now granted patent, users of After-Alcohol Aid reported an average of 50 percentage point reductions in next day hangover symptoms.
  • FOR BEST ALCOHOL RECOVERY RESULTS: Thrive+ recommends to take 2-4 tablets after drinking alcohol or before bed along with Thrive+ ORS. Our PATENTED & TESTED SYNERGISTIC FORMULA includes Electrolytes, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Milk Thistle, Ginger Root, Nopal (Prickly Pear), 1000mg of pure Dihydromyricetin (DHM), and N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC).
  • CLINICAL RESEARCH: Ingredients in our synergistic formula, such as Dihydromyricetin (DHM), have been studied in reputable publications such as The Journal of Neuroscience for liver detox and hangover prevention.


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